I am not great at blogging but many have asked me to add a feature on this website where they can make suggestions, requests and comments on my artwork and reflections. 

So here you are, this is your space!!! 

Sandy B
7/4/2009 02:40:37 am

Dear Sandy,
After viewing your website, I am so thankful for your friendship and the sharing of your insights. The reflections are just wonderful! You are a true artist of the brush and the pen. May God bless you as you continue your journey toward Him.

8/3/2009 08:02:14 pm

keep those candles burning!!

10/5/2009 02:45:10 am

dear sandra. im a catholic too from argentina. im glad there are catholics like you in the states and i loved the way you express your faith through your paintings and art. im studying sort of fashion design and would like to do something with my art as you do! keep on doing so!


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